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City of Ghosts (Dogwoof)
David Lynch: The Art Life


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The real world provides the inspiration for some fascinating documentaries at the cinema
this autumn and beyond.

Quest (Dogwoof)

This intimate chronicle of an African-American family in Philadelphia spans eight years, beginning at the dawn of the Obama presidency. This tender portrait of the Rainey family is both a vivid illumination of race, class and life in modern day America, and an inspirational testament to love, healing and hope.

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The Reagan Show (Dogwoof)

Told solely through archival footage and set against the backdrop of the Cold War “The Reagan Show” presents the pageantry, absurdity and charisma of a prolific actor’s defining role: Leader of the Free World.

See it in cinemas from October 6th

Dina (Dogwoof)

An eccentric suburban woman and a Walmart door-greeter navigate their evolving relationship, in this unconventional nonfiction love story.

See it in cinemas from October 20th

Ferrari Race To Immortality (Universal)

“Ferrari: Race To Immortality” tells the story of the Scuderia Ferrari’s tumultuous early years in the 1950s, which saw the dawn of the iconic Scuderia Ferrari in the Formula One World Championship and deadliest decade in motor racing history. As cars pushed the limits of human ingenuity, drivers lived on a knife edge between life and death. At the centre of it all was Enzo Ferrari, a towering figure in motor racing and patriarch of Ferrari who dared to dream about speed in ways nobody else could.

See it in cinemas from November 3rd